Chipotle adds new fajita quesadillas to menu after masses attempt to recreate viral TikTok order


(NEW YORK) — A recent viral food trend has not only grabbed the attention of TikTok viewers, it’s landed a spot on the menu at Chipotle Mexican Grill as well.

Chipotle announced the new Fajita Quesadilla will be hitting digital-only menus nationwide on March 2, thanks to popular social media personalities Keith Lee and Alexis Frost.

Frost, a creator who regularly shares videos of everything she tried at fast food restaurants, and Lee, who helps struggling local businesses get a boost of customers by trying and reviewing their food himself, went viral late last year after sharing a secret menu tip at Chipotle.

Frost’s initial review of the Chipotle steak quesadilla with fajita veggies was dubbed a perfect “10” to her 2.4 million followers.

Lee later stitched Frost’s video with one of himself trying her order for the first time, and created a DIY vinaigrette hack that combines chipotle-honey vinaigrette dressing and sour cream. His stamp of approval then flooded the feeds of his 10.7 million followers — and counting.

Lee’s order, soon to be known as the “Keithadilla,” is a quesadilla with fajita veggies and steak and sides of roasted chili-corn salsa, sour cream and chipotle honey vinaigrette. Frost’s “Fajita Quesadilla Hack” starts the same with a steak fajita quesadilla and similar sides, but instead of chipotle honey vinaigrette, her third option is the tomatillo red chili salsa.

Now for the first time, customers who order on the app or online can add fresh fajita veggies to any quesadilla order, plus the chipotle-honey vinaigrette dressing will now be available as a side option with quesadillas.

Despite mass appeal, the viral menu “hack” initially made things difficult for Chipotle employees because it was not an official offering on the restaurant’s typical digital ordering platforms. The company subsequently worked quickly on technology updates for nearly 3,200 restaurant locations and conducted training for over 100,000 employees to ensure a seamless experience for all.

“TikTok has not only changed the way we communicate with Gen-Z, but it’s proven it can identify areas of opportunity within our business,” Chipotle’s chief marketing officer Chris Brandt said in a statement. “With the launch of the Fajita Quesadilla, we are celebrating Keith, Alexis, and all our superfans who were craving this delicious customization while prioritizing support for our employees.”

The five new quesadilla options include steak, chicken, barbacoa, carnitas or sofritas — all with fresh fajita vegetables (sauteed bell peppers and onions).

Later next month, Chipotle will bring the two TikTokers together in Las Vegas — where Lee currently lives — to surprise select lucky fans with the new quesadillas.

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