New online dashboard helps fliers navigate flight delays and cancellations


(NEW YORK) — Passengers taking to the skies for Labor Day weekend will have a new tool to help make sure their trips are smooth — even if there’s problems with their flight.

The U.S. Department of Transportation debuted its airline customer service dashboard on Thursday, which details airlines’ “commitments” to passengers in the event of “controllable” cancellations and delays within the airline’s control, such as mechanical or staffing issues.

The dashboard also offers a breakdown of how some of the carriers will help customers in those events, such as rebooking, or offering meal and hotel vouchers.

“Passengers deserve transparency and clarity on what to expect from an airline when there is a cancellation or disruption,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said in a release.

“This dashboard collects that information in one place so travelers can easily understand their rights, compare airline practices and make informed decisions. The Department will continue to support passengers and to hold airlines responsible for adhering to their customer obligations,” he added.

According to the release, Buttigieg wrote a letter to airline CEOs that informed them of the plan to publish the dashboard before Labor Day, encouraging them to improve their customer service plans and, by default, offering flyers a place to compare carriers.

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