Costly Removal

The U.S. Navy estimates it will cost 1.5 million dollars to salvage a jet plane that crashed on a coral reef in Hawaii about... Read More.

Brown Water Advisory

A Brown Water Advisory has been issued for Kauai.  Stormwater runoff is entering coastal waters due to heavy rain.  You are advised to stay... Read More.

Siren Test Friday

A test of the Statewide Outdoor Warning Siren System is set for Friday at 11:45 am.  The siren test will be coordinated with a... Read More.

Landfill Closed

Until further notice the Kekaha landfill is closed because of inclement weather and flooding.  For more information call the Kauai County Solid Waste Division... Read More.

Lydgate Maintenance

The Parks and Recreation Department says the area surrounding the Lydgate Campground will close for part of the day next Wednesday, December 6th.  From ... Read More.