1923’s Brandon Sklenar on Spencer “coming in hot” to save the Dutton clan


(SPOILERS) On Sunday night, Paramount+’s Yellowstone prequel 1923 returned. Fans have been gearing up for World War 1 vet-turned-big game hunter Spencer Dutton to return to the States to get some revenge against the baddies that shot up his family and are threatening their ranch.

As if going one-on-one against man-eating animals wasn’t enough to convince viewers how hardcore Spencer is, Helen Mirren‘s character, Cara Dutton, warned the villains in the prior episode, “I cannot wait for you to meet my nephew.”

When one snarks he’s met him and “isn’t impressed,” Cara replies slyly, “Not this one.”

That line wasn’t lost on Brandon Sklenar, who plays the swashbuckling adventurer.

“I obviously had read that in the script, but then when I watched the episode for the first time, even I was kind of I was like, ‘Oh, damn. All right, well, I better come in hot,"” he says with a laugh to ABC Audio. “Yeah, really setting the stage there, Aunt Cara.”

Sklenar continues, “It just, from an audience standpoint … it’s very cool.” He adds, “He’s got a lot to fight for and redemption and his love for his family, which is so incredibly strong. And you really see that as this progresses, just how deep that … well goes.”

However, getting from Africa to Montana in 1923 isn’t as easy as today: Viewers saw Spencer and his new bride, Alexandra (Julia Schlaepfer), facing a perilous sea voyage before getting home — and the cliffhanger episode ending won’t be resolved until February 12.

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