Billy Bob Thornton and Tania Raymonde on bringing ‘Goliath’ to a close with new fourth season


Amazon’s legal drama Goliath drops its fourth and final season today. Oscar-winning lead Billy Bob Thornton returns as loose-cannon lawyer Billy McBride, who this season is taking on a massive pharmaceutical company implicated in the opioid crisis. 

“It’s been really amazing,” Thornton says of the show’s four-season ride. “I’ve had so many great experiences on it. I loved playing the character and the writers did such an amazing job.”

He adds, “And as you go further into a series like this, the writers…as they watch and listen to the actors, they start to capture their voices more and more.” 

Thornton says, “I think that’s one of the advantages to the whole streaming idea, is that you have a chance to make an eight- or 10-hour movie, whatever it is, and people settle into it and start to understand, ‘Oh, that’s what this is."” He adds with a laugh, “And so, by season four, we were like…’We are this!"”

Tania Raymonde plays Brittany, Billy’s confidante — a brilliant, beautiful part-time escort-turned-Billy’s paralegal. The actress says she’ll miss the character dearly, but she’s satisfied with the way things ended.

“I feel like this last season is such a great send-off for the series and such a nice final chapter,” she maintains. “And we left them in like a good place.”

Tania adds with a laugh, “So now they can go exist in like ‘post finale movie character world’ where they’re…all chilling and happy. I feel like we did them justice….So as long as…everyone, I think, was left in a better place than they were when we picked them up in year one. And that makes me happy.”  

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)


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