Calista Flockhart says she urged Harrison Ford to do Apple TV+s Shrinking


In a chat with The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast, Calista Flockhart says she’d “hate to take credit” for her husband Harrison Ford‘s acclaimed turn in Apple TV+’s dramedy series Shrinking, but it appears she’s being modest.

Flockhart was reflecting on how TV changed since she came into our homes as the title character with Fox’s groundbreaking legal comedy Ally McBeal, saying, “I think that Ally McBeal possibly legitimized television in a very cool way.” 

Musing about TV sparked a memory for the Feud actress, recalling with a laugh, “I remember going to an event and George Lucas was there, and he was saying ‘TV is the future, and we can forget about films,’ and I remember saying to my husband, ‘See? Stupid? You’re stupid. I’m not.’ And so that was a really good moment for me.”

As for Shrinking, she said, “Well, I hate to take credit … so I can’t take credit, but we always ask each other for our opinion.”

“He called me, he was in London shooting Indiana Jones and … he said, ‘There’s a show that they want me to do … it’s the people that did something Ted.”

“I said, ‘Ted Lasso?"” Calista recalls replying. “And he said, ‘Yeah, yeah, I think that’s it."”

“And I said, ‘Yes. Just say yes,"” the actress continued.

She added, “And I read the script and I said, ‘You are absolutely going to say yes."”

Flockhart also expressed of Ford’s portrayal of Dr. Paul Rhoades, “I am so happy for him. It’s such a great part, and he’s so good in it. And it’s really, really wonderful to see. It makes me so happy.”

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