Christina Milian gearing up for the holidays, and for a return to music…eventually


Christina Milian has a few reasons to flash that million-dollar smile. 

The two-time Grammy nominee “loves” Christmas and loves getting into the holiday spirit, particularly now that she’s a mom to three kids: her new baby son, Kenna, his 1-year-old brother, Isaiah, and their nearly 11-year-old sister, Violet Madison.

“All these different stages in their life kind of make it even more exciting for me as a mom to do things that my parents did for us as kids,” Christina tells ABC Audio. “You know, making the cookies or…tracking the footsteps of Santa’s footsteps from the chimney to the door…”

She explains with a big laugh, “If you don’t have a fireplace, sometimes you just do it from the door to the tree!”

With the recent 20th anniversary of her self-titled debut album, and a number of acting roles under her belt, Christina says she wants to give music another go. She recently recorded a song for her STARZ show Step Up, and is looking at going further. “I feel like this is a good age to try one more time,” she explains. “And if it’s not, than I’ll just chill out. Maybe I’ll make a Christmas album,” she says with a laugh. “Maybe next year, I’ll get back in the lab.”

Milian has another reason to smile: She’s collaborating with Crest and Oral-B for an initiative to bring dental care to millions of underserved people in this country.

“[So] many children, especially Black and Hispanic children, do not have the access to oral care or products that they deserve,” she explained, telling ABC Audio that her mother, a Cuban immigrant, suffered needlessly for years because of a lack of access to adequate oral care early in her life.

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