Cynthia Erivo shares the message behind her first children’s book ‘Remember to Dream, Ebere’


Cynthia Erivo says there is an important message behind her debut children’s book Remember to Dream, Ebere.

“It is a story that is trying to teach young children to dream in detail,” Ervio tells ABC Audio of her inspirational picture book which follows a mother encouraging her daughter to dream big.

That message of hope and possibility is one that the Tony, Grammy, and Emmy-Award winner can relate to since the book is inspired by Erivo’s own upbringing. In fact, the Genius: Aretha star says her book is not just about having “big dreams” as a young child, but believing that they can actually become a reality.

“I really believe that if you think about all the little details that make them real, those things will allow you to see them to fruition,” she says of the message in her book. “So they won’t just be dreams. They’re essentially lives that are just waiting to be discovered and live.”

Remember to Dream, Ebere, illustrated by Charnelle Pinkney Barlow, is now available for purchase.

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