Deepak Chopra shares keys to physical and emotional well-being in Audible Original podcast ‘Mind Body Zone’


Deepak Chopra has tapped some of his famous friends for his Audible Original podcast series Deepak Chopra’s Mind Body Zone: Living Outside the Box. 

The new series, hosted by Chopra, offers an opportunity for listeners to redefine their lives through harnessing a mind-body connection. To help achieve that important connection, Chopra enlisted 12 influential leaders — from media mogul Oprah Winfrey to musician Jon Batiste — who share their personal journeys and how they used their mind-body connection as a way to promote physical and emotional well-being. 

“That’s been my vision for 40 years,” Chopra tells ABC Audio. “A more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthier, and joyful world. But that begins with personal transformation. And in the absence of personal transformation, there’s no social transformation. And in the absence of social transformation, as I said earlier, we’re screwed.”

While each 30-minute episode offers an intimate conversation tied to a specific theme, including self-acceptance, white privilege, and overcoming trauma and addiction, Chopra promises an opportunity for guided meditation. He believes meditation, as well as moments of silence, are essential for creating a holistic experience.

“So Deepak has read all the wisdom traditions of the East and West, including the spiritual traditions of the world from Africa. From the Middle East, from Asia, and also the West,” he says. “And so my understanding of what I call reality comes from the wisdom traditions. And these days, I go to my inner silence. That’s all. I practice silence every day for a couple of hours, and that’s when I harness my own creativity.” 

“So who do I go to?” Chopra asks. “The realm of silent beings.”

Deepak Chopra’s Mind Body Zone: Living Outside the Box is now available to stream exclusively on Audible.

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