Emmy won ‘Kenobi’: ‘Halston’ Emmy winner Ewan McGregor teases anticipated ‘Star Wars’ series for Disney+


Ewan McGregor was all smiles backstage at the Emmy Awards Sunday night, and he had a reason to: he had just picked up his first TV trophy, for portraying mercurial designer Halston in the Netflix limited series of the same name. 

He also gave fans a quick update about his next anticipated project, the Obi-Wan Kenobi series that will debut on Disney+ next year.  But as usual, McGregor was careful about spoilers.

“Not really,” the Scot said when asked if he could give any details.

However, his lack of facial hair, unlike the titular Jedi master’s, was one giveaway that he confirmed by explaining that shooting on the series has wrapped.

“It was really, really good fun,” McGregor said. “I really enjoyed working with [director] Deborah Chow,” who won acclaim for directing two episodes of The Mandalorian. 

“I think it will not disappoint,” McGregor explained. “I think it’s going to be good. I had a really good time making it and worked with some really wonderful people, lovely people.”

Some of those “lovely people” include Eternals’ Kumail NanjianiO’Shea Jackson Jr., and Ewan’s Star Wars prequel co-stars including Joel EdgertonBonnie Piesse and Hayden Christensen. The first two performers reprise, respectively, Luke Skywalker’s adoptive Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. The latter, of course, will once again play Darth Vader, Kenobi’s fallen apprentice who was once Anakin Skywalker.

The series takes place after the events of Star Wars: Episode III- – Revenge of the Sith but before Star Wars: A New Hope, at a time when Kenobi watches over a young Skywalker from afar on Tatooine.

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