Gun violence is the premise of FX on Hulu’s ‘The Premise’


The Premise, a new anthology series from B.J. Novak, debuts today on FX on Hulu. Each episode tackles a different social hot button, and one of the two episodes out now deals with gun violence.

“It’s about a guy who has lost his family in a mass shooting and then applies for a new job at the sort of NRA type facility,” one of the stars, Boyd Holbrook tells ABC Audio. “[He] really falls in love with this job a little too much and starts raising concerns around the office about his true intentions.”

“It’s not really an anti-gun thing or a pro-gun thing,” the 40-year-old actor says of the dark comedy.  “It’s just about the common decency and the actual care of human life and how we’re engaging with that on a responsible level.”

Holbrook says his hope is that the show will start a conversation about a problem that has become all too common in this country.

“I think it’s great to ask, you know, what are we doing here? We have mass shootings, three hundred fifty-five days a year in the United States before the pandemic,” the Narcos alum says. “It’s just kind of almost droning in the media just how often they were happening and almost becoming sort of desensitized to all these horrific events that were happening.” 

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