Gwyneth Paltrow posts birthday suit pic for her 49th


Oscar winning actress and entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow continued her annual tradition of stripping down to her birthday suit to celebrate her 49th birthday. 

On Instagram Monday evening, Paltrow posed nude in an outdoor tub, her legs draped over the side, shielding her modesty with her pose and her hands. 

This year, the Goop maven chose a simple eclipse emoji to caption the photo. 

On the other hand, her husband Brad Falchuk was more effusive, posting a long birthday message alongside a profile — and clothed — photo of Paltrow. “When you live with this woman, a few things become clear,” he began.

“There are the obvious things – that she’s beautiful, that she’s funny, that she likes things the way she likes them, when she likes them. That she is always busy – but also always has time for you.”

He continued, “She may notice you need a hug and give you an outstanding one….She may notice that you’re tired all the time and she will get you the right doctor to balance your hormones or create a little chewy square to help you sleep or wake up or teach you to meditate.”

Hinting at Paltrow’s involvement in the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal, Falchuk noted, “She may notice that there is injustice. That there are people who abuse others and she will take a stand for the victims, even if it’s scary. Even if she was a victim, too.”

“I could go on and on. Really,” her second husband said. “Today is Gwyneth’s birthday. So today we notice her like she notices us every day. And we celebrate her because if anyone deserves to be celebrated it’s you, Gwyneth. Happy birthday,” he said, before closing with a heart emoji. 





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