“I think I like Twitter again!”: Justin Long jokes that reaction to ‘Barbarian’ has him rethinking social media


One of the best-reviewed movies of the year, the horror film Barbarian, hits theaters Friday.

The movie stars Georgina Campbell as a young woman who shows up to the home she’s rented, only to find out a mysterious man, played by It’s creepy clown Bill Skarsgård, is already living there. Without spoilers, it gets much, much worse from there.

The movie is the directorial debut of actor-turned writer-director Zach Cregger. Reactions to the movie have been through the roof with both professional critics and screening audience members opining online.

The movie’s other lead, Justin Long, jokes that may have changed his mind about the internet.

“I had gotten to the point in my life and my career…where I was like, ‘I’m not going on social media….I don’t read the comments,” he says.

“And with this, I read one. And then I got hungry…[or] thirsty, I guess the kids say. And I started reading all these comments, and I was like, ‘I think I like Twitter again,” he continues with a laugh. “Twitter’s kind of nice again!”

Long adds, “We’ve been watching some of these screenings, and it’s it sounds arrogant to say, but it’s so fun to be in a movie theater with people who are like really invested in this wild ride.”

“It’s just a blast,” he enthuses.

For her part, Campbell is also psyched. “It’s been a really crazy experience and really exciting,” she says, “and I really enjoyed it, and I’m just so happy that that Zach found me!”

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