Jennifer Lopez’s mom and fellow gambler gets cameo in Ben Affleck’s new star-studded sports book app ad


It’s well known that Ben Affleck likes to gamble, as does his current girlfriend’s mother, Guadalupe Lopez. So it only makes sense that they appear together in a new sports book app ad starring the two-time Oscar winner and J-Lo‘s mom. 

Affleck, along with Shaquille O’Neal and actor Melvin Gregg, also appear in the new ad Ben directed for WynnBET.

The spot pitches betting on sports is more fun when you do it with your “team.” To that end, Affleck strides through a Vegas casino, bombarded not by paparazzi, but people offering tips about on whom he should wager. 

As he walks through, we see a woman, psyching herself up, cranking a battery of slot machines by herself. “Come on, Lupe! You can do this girl,” Lopez tells herself. “Just like the slots in St. Louis.”

This catches Affleck’s ear, and he thinks of the team. “St. Louis?” he considers aloud.

Lupe made headlines in 2004 when she scored a $2.4 million payday on a slot machine at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. 

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