Jeremy Allen White says ‘The Bear’ gets cooking on season 3 this winter + names dream guest stars


While promoting his new film The Iron Claw, The Bear’s Emmy-nominated lead Jeremy Allen White teased to Deadline that the acclaimed show will get back underway in the winter of 2024. He also revealed who’s on his menu for dream guest stars.

White joked that he hopes his Carmy Berzatto will escape the freezer he found himself locked in during an opening night meltdown of the new restaurant that shares the show’s name. He then said he hopes the show’s junior year will bring more guest stars out of the woodwork.

The intense season 2 flashback episode “The Fishes” was stuffed with stars, including Jamie Lee Curtis as Carmy’s train wreck — or more apt, car wreck — of a mom, Donna. Better Call Saul’s Bob Odenkirk appeared as Uncle Lee, and John Mulaney took on the role of Stevie.

White tells the trade that he hopes for the return of Curtis as well as Oscar and Emmy winner Olivia Colman as Chef Terry. He’s also putting out into the universe that Oscar winner Sam Rockwell and Emmy winner John Turturro will pull up a chair this season.

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