Kate Walsh is returning to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’


Dr. Addison Montgomery is back in action — again.

ABC announced Wednesday that Kate Walsh will return to play her beloved Grey’s Anatomy character on an upcoming episode of the long-running primetime medical drama. Dr. Montgomery will return in the May 5 episode.

Walsh shared the news via a popular TikTok trend, featuring audio from SpongeBob SquarePants, in which someone appears in front of the camera wearing one thing, backs away and returns wearing something else.

In this case, Walsh appears at first wearing a comfy outfit before disappearing around the corner and returning in a white doctor’s coat.

“I’m back in uniform and that can only mean one thing,” Walsh wrote in the caption.

Walsh teased that fans should “stay tuned,” leading some to wonder if she will be back for more than one episode or in a more permanent capacity.

This isn’t the first time Walsh has returned to Grey’s Anatomy since her character departed for her own series, Private Practice, in 2007. The spin-off ran for six seasons, ending in 2013.

Walsh has been back as Addison for a handful of episodes over the years and even appeared earlier this season in two episodes from October 2021.

Grey’s Anatomy is currently in season 18 and has been renewed for a nineteenth season.

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