Kristen Stewart is tired of being asked about Robert Pattinson


Kristen Stewart gave the girls and the gays everything they could want this Valentine’s Day while posing in a jock strap on the most recent cover of Rolling Stone.

The actress opened up to the outlet about how she dislikes still having to answer questions about Robert Pattinson, her former Twilight co-star and ex-boyfriend. While she says she can understand to a point why people are still interested in the relationship, she is tired of answering questions about it.

“Rob and I can’t just keep talking about that s***, because it’s f****** weird,” Stewart said. “It’s like if someone kept asking you — I mean for literally decades — ‘But senior year in high school?’ You’re like, ‘F****** A, man! I don’t know!’”

The cover photo outfit choice was the actress’s vision. She said she wanted it to be the “gayest f****** thing you’ve ever seen in your life.” Her jock strap is paired with an open leather jacket with nothing else underneath, as well as a mullet hairstyle with bangs.

“If I got through the entire Twilight series without ever doing a Rolling Stone cover, it’s because the boys were the sex symbols,” Stewart said. “If I could grow a little mustache, if I could grow a f****** happy trail and unbutton my pants, I would. Guys — I’m sorry — but their f****** pubes are shoved in my face constantly, and I’m like, ‘Ummmm, bring it in.’”

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