Mark Consuelos talks joining ‘Live’ with wife Kelly Ripa, replacing “true friend” Ryan Seacrest


Mark Consuelos appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan Friday to discuss his new job as wife Kelly Ripa‘s co-host after Ryan Seacrest departs the show this spring.

Consuelos, who married Ripa in May 1996, joked about working with his wife every day, saying, “I get to share a coffee with you every morning before the show and now I’ll have one with you on the show, as well.”

Seacrest then addressed Consuelos, telling him, “I do want to say you are a brother to me. You are a family member to me. I have become so close with both of you.”

“I couldn’t be happier to see you come in and be next to your wife every day,” he added, calling Ripa “the most amazing human being on the planet.”

Consuelos said he “echoed” Seacrest’s sentiments, adding, “I can’t think of a better person to sit next to my wife the past six years. You’re a true friend, you’re a brother, you’re generous to my wife — to my whole family.”

“I got to meet your family, too … I loved your parents and your niece and your sister and brother-in-law,” he added as Seacrest became teary-eyed.

Consuelos then said he knew he was filling an “iconic” chair on the ABC morning talk show, saying, “I think it’s going to be a blast.”

Seacrest announced during the February 16 episode of Live that he would be leaving the show to focus on hosting American Idol season 21 and other projects.

Seacrest, who joined Live as Ripa’s co-host in 2017, said he’ll be back to guest host in the future.

Consuelos shared a post on Instagram the day of Seacrest’s announcement, in which he congratulated him on his “next chapter.”

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