Matt Damon admits he’s been running a secret Instagram account that boasts a whopping 76 followers


Matt Damon has finally joined Instagram, but don’t expect to find his account anytime soon.

Speaking with GQ, the 50-year old actor confessed that the reason he’s never joined any social media platforms is because he “just never saw the point [of them.]”

“And I feel better and better about that decision as time goes on,” he continued, before admitting that he does have “a very private Instagram account” for the sole purpose of staying connected with friends and their families.

“I have 76 followers and I’ve done 40 posts since 2013,” he boasted, noting that the photos he shares are also of his family — mainly his three daughters, IsabellaStella and Gia, goofing off.

When elaborating on why he decided to stay off all other social media platforms, Damon said, “I understand wanting to be connected to everybody on Facebook, but my life is so full and I’m connected, really, to everybody I need to be connected to.”

“And then Twitter,” he deadpanned, “I just reflexively didn’t believe that my first knee-jerk response to something was necessarily something that should go all over the world.”

Damon is referencing the controversy he fell into at the start of the #MeToo movement, where he called the movement a “watershed moment” during a 2018 interview.  His statements turned him into a lightning rod for criticism.

“95 percent of the stuff [said about me] was entirely unhelpful, it was just Twitter-bashing stuff, which did put me in a defensive crouch,” he recalled.

Damon is among a small group of A-list celebrities who have refrained from sharing on social media, including Scarlett JohanssonEddie MurphyGeorge Clooney and Emily Blunt.

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