Mattel to debut Ken’s Mojo Dojo Casa House at Comic-Con


If you were one of those Barbie fans who preferred Ken’s Mojo Dojo Casa House to Barbie’s Dreamhouse, you’re in luck.

People reports that Mattel Creations is embracing all the love that Ken got from the 2023 movie by releasing a Mini Mojo Dojo Casa House. The house, modeled after Ken’s takeover of the Dreamhouse in the movie, will make its debut July 24 at San Diego Comic-Con before being officially available on the Mattel website July 25. 

The Mini Mojo Dojo Casa House, which will sell for $50, will come with a denim-wearing Ken doll, with a sign that reads “Kendom” in the background. It also features swinging saloon doors that read “Kendom,” with a horse head and horseshoe on it. 

But if you still prefer the traditional Barbie Dreamhouse, there’s no need to worry — a Barbie the Movie Mini DreamHouse will be on display at Comic-Con, as well.

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