‘Mean Girls’ want that green: Cast reunion reportedly in jeopardy after “disrespectful” salary offer


The Plastics want that cash.

The main cast members of Mean Girls were supposed to return for a Paramount+-bound adaptation of the Broadway musical version of the hit, but Page Six reports the reunion has hit a snag over money.

While Tina Fey, the writer-co-star of the 2004 classic reportedly scored a seven-figure payday to return for the production, according to the publication, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lindsay Lohan, and Lacey Chabert were reportedly offered a “fraction” of that — an amount a source says the actresses found “disrespectful.”

Fey, it should be noted, is also writing and producing the project — in addition to reprising as Math teacher Ms. Norbury — which would naturally boost her bottom line.

That said, a source says the actresses, who have stayed friends in the years since the film became a hit, refuse to play ball unless the producers can fetch more dough. “As of now, the negotiations are stalled,” the source explains.

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