People jokingly compare Kristen Stewart’s ‘Spencer’ poster to Jennifer Lawrence’s tumble at the Oscars


If life imitates art, then Jennifer Lawrence was way ahead of the curve when she famously took a spill at the 2013 Academy Awards.  

On Wednesday, the official poster for the Kristen Stewart-led film Spencer, a movie about the late Princess Diana, was released. While the image depicts Diana weeping into a satin gown, people said it reminded them of JLaw’s infamous tumble.

Both women are wearing white, strapless gowns in the photos and have their backs turned to the camera as their hands cover their face.

Fans were quick to poke fun of the movie poster online, with one person sharing the two stills side-by-side, and writing, “Can’t believe they’re making a movie about Jennifer Lawrence falling at the Oscars.” Others joked that the Spencer poster is actually a tribute to the Hunger Games star.

A few even suggested that the artistic team behind the Spencer poster is hinting that the movie is Oscar-worthy, as Lawrence famously fell on the stairs as she was about to collect the award for Best Actress, for Silver Linings Playbook.

Pablo Larraín‘s Spencer, which is set in 1991 and chronicles the breakdown of Diana and Prince Charles‘ marriage, is due in theaters November 5.

Can’t believe they’re making a movie about Jennifer Lawrence falling at the Oscars

— Tom Zohar (@TomZohar) August 25, 2021

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