Prime Video releases face-off with Butcher and Homelander from The Boys season 4


Ahead of its three-episode season 4 debut on June 13, Prime Video has dropped a first look at The Boys.

In the snippet, Karl Urban‘s Billy Butcher desperately tries to convince Homelander’s son Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) to leave his maniacal, super-powered pop.

“You know how dangerous he can be,” Butcher implores him, only to have Ryan protest, “He’s my dad.”

“Please, I’m begging you. It’s what your mom would want,” Billy insists — only to be caught mid-plea by Homelander himself.

“No means no, William,” Antony Starr‘s villain says, wagging his finger. “This isn’t the Neverland Ranch, nothing bad is going to happen.”

“Oh, seems it already has,” he purrs, using his X-ray vision to look into Butcher’s head. “Look at that big black mass behind curdling around your brain.”

Apparently Butcher injecting himself with Compound V to give himself super strength last season was as dangerous as the rest of his team feared.

“What do you got, six months? Less? It’s too bad,” Homelander tells his nemesis. “We’re not going to have that last dance together. I’ll miss us.”

The supe outstretches his hand, and takes Ryan’s and hurries him out. “Come on. I do not want to miss Smash Mouth,” he says.


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