Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney take a “rare bite” out of Welsh history with ’20 Ways To Make Rarebit’ cookbook


Just in time for gift-giving for Saturday’s National Welsh Rarebit Day, Ryan Reynolds and his partner-owner of the Wrexham AFC, Rob McElhenney, have created a cookbook to celebrate the dish. 

In a cheeky video promoting the publication, Reynolds narrates that readers can learn the answers to their most pressing questions on the subject, like: “What is rarebit?” 

As pages flip, Always Sunny’s McElhenney promises “international spins on a Welsh delicacy for fans around the world” in a cookbook, Reynolds deadpans, “that’s definitely not the same recipe on every page except for the garnish.”

As the photos change from English Rarebit to Mexican Rarebit, Italian Rarebit and more, it becomes obvious that the pages of the book are exactly that. The U.K. version sees a piece of toast’s traditional cheesy top topped with beans; the Mexican one, pico de gallo; and for the American version, ketchup tops the cheesy slurry that separates rarebit from an ordinary slice of toasted bread.

While that would make the cookbook a waste of money as far as recipe building goes, the guys’ intentions are pure: all proceeds of its $18.64 price tag will benefit the Wrexham Food Bank. 

The price tag refers to the Red Dragons’ founding date of 1864: Wrexham AFC is Wales’ oldest football club and the third-oldest in the world.

You can see the pair’s trials and tribulations in getting the underdog footie team back on its feet in FX’s new reality series Welcome to Wrexham.

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