‘She’s All That’ alums Rachael Leigh Cook and Matthew Lillard talk hanging with younger ‘He’s All That’ crew


He’s All That, the gender-bend Netflix reboot of She’s All That, stars several familiar faces who say they were happily surprised by their young co-stars.

Rachael Leigh Cook and Matthew Lillard — who respectively starred as Laney Boggs and the sleazy reality star Brock Hudson in the 1999 romcom — told ABC Audio about their initial concerns about the rest of the crew, which they say now makes them laugh.

Cook, who now plays star Addison Rae‘s mom, and Lillard, who plays the high school principal, admitted they thought their Gen Z colleagues would spend all their time buried in their phones.

“They weren’t, which is a miracle,” said Cook, “I thought they were just going to be, you know, ticking and a tacking.”

Lillard, who laughed at Cook’s new code word for TikTok, revealed how the cast gelled on set, adding, “We also shot in the middle of a pandemic… I think that there was like some semblance of normalcy. And people were super happy about that.”

He also revealed that he was shocked She’s All That was given the reboot treatment.

“It’s a little weird that this movie, you know, found such an audience that it’s worthy to be remade,” said Lillard. “That said, I think that they did a great job updating it. I think the social media aspect of it is really smart.”

TikTok star Rae, who plays queen bee Padgett Sawyer, chimed in that she never would have believed she would be the one starring in the reboot.

Rae, who was studying journalism when she downloaded the app and became a sensation, recalled that people used to say her dreams of making it big “wasn’t something that was realistic.” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

He’s All That is available now on Netflix.

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