Study claims Hells Kitchen is the easiest reality show to get on


If you wanna be a reality show star, learn to cook.

That’s because a new study claims two chef Gordon Ramsay-fronted Fox shows have your best shot of appearing as a contestant.

The website HelloMillions tracked Google data for the number of people who searched phrases like “apply for” and “casting call” related to 19 of the top reality shows, then compared that to the number of contestants on a given show per season — aka your competition for a slot.

With that in mind, Hell’s Kitchen had the lowest number of monthly searches for applications — an average of 1,598 national searches — and each season has 18 participants.

The search number is likely the lowest because unlike other reality shows, you have to have a skill to be in the kitchen with Chef Ramsay.

Coming in second was The Bachelorette. Despite the show’s popularity, one still has a decent shot of getting on it, considering each season has 26 contestants and there’s only 2,400 or so monthly searches inquiring how to apply. 

Coming in third was Squid Game: The Challenge: While there are 42,843 monthly searches for how to join up, the show has the largest pool of contestants per season: 456. 

The fourth easiest show to get on, according to the site, was another Ramsay reality hit Master Chef: 2,359 monthly searches were related to getting on, with 20 wannabe winners a season.

Rounding out the top five was The Bachelor. Nearly 5,000 monthly searches were related to applying to the ABC show, with slots for 33 hopefuls.

For the record, the hardest show to get on was CBS’ Love Island. Per month, there are 16,322 casting searches and 33 contestants.

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