Tracee Ellis Ross recalls the time she “hated” Anthony Anderson


Tracee Ellis Ross says it wasn’t always a perfect union between her and black-ish co-star, Anthony Anderson, who plays her character Rainbow’s supportive husband Dre on the ABC series.

Ross tells Entertainment Weekly that there was a time when she actually “hated” Anderson.

“He did something while we were working [and] I thought it was totally inappropriate!” recalls Ross, referring to when they co-hosted the Vibe Awards on UPN in 2005. 

“I made a fart joke!” responds Anderson, before Ross injects, “You made a fart joke at my expense on stage!”

“I was like, ‘Not appropriate! I don’t know you that well!,” she continues. “What are you thinking?’ And I held this resentment forever.”

However, it’s safe to say that time has healed all wounds. Ross says she and Anderson have long since mended those fences.

“And now, look — I love this man!,” she says. “This man is like the best TV husband ever.”

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