98 Degrees revisit their most impactful hits with ‘Summer of 98º’ remix EP


98 Degrees is giving fans the chance to experience their old hits in a brand-new way. The group released a new remix EP, Summer of 98º, on Friday.

The EP features remixed versions of songs including “Heat It Up,” “I Do (Cherish You),” “Invisible Man,” “Because of You” and “The Hardest Thing.”

Looking back on his group’s catalog of hits, Drew Lachey tells ABC Audio the song that’s had the biggest impact on fans over the years is “I Do (Cherish You).”

“I think ‘I Do’ probably carries a lot of that weight, because so many people use it for their wedding song,” he notes. “So for us to be a part of, you know, that magical day for so many people — that’s a great honor. I mean, music is the soundtrack to everybody’s lives. But to be, you know, the wedding song for people, that’s something that they’ll always remember.”

As for which song the group loves revisiting the most, for Nick Lachey, it’s 1998’s “Because of You.”

“‘Because of You’ was the one that really kind of introduced us to the mainstream and [it’s got] kind of a signature choreography thing we do with mic stands,” he says. “And so that’s the one that…over the years and through all the tours and shows we’ve done, it’s still fun for me to do.”

Drew then cracks, “And he still messes up the words to it too!” while Nick adds, laughing, “And the choreography!”

98 Degrees also have a new single out, “Where Do You Wanna Go,” and are set to perform at Mandalay Bay Beach in Las Vegas on September 16.

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