Adele posts extended teaser for upcoming “Oh My God” music video


Adele is tantalizing fans with another sneak peek of her upcoming “Oh My God” music video, but it does little to answer why she’s dressed up like a ’60s fashionista.

The music video, which premieres Wednesday, boasts a large cast and some gutsy stunts.  Among the snippets are people dressed exactly like Adele, a man flipping over a chair engulfed in flames, interpretive dancers writhing on a mattress and people smashing props on the stage.

Although it’s only a 30-second trailer, fans are already hard at work piecing together the clues featured in the short clip.

A brief frame also shows Adele holding an apple, leading fans to believe she’s added some symbolism in the upcoming black-and-white music video.  Some fans have also pointed out that they detected a “Rolling in the Deep” vibe since its music video featured similar themes — muted colors, frantic dancing and Adele belting out the impassioned number while sitting on a chair.

“Oh My God” goes live on YouTube on Wednesday, January 12, at 12 p.m. ET.  When teasing the music video last week, Adele also whipped her fans into a frenzy when declaring, “Rested and Re-Set! Feeling ready for 2022, there’s so much coming, I’m excited for you all to see it.”





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