Adele responds to fan who wanted to know her “body count”


Don’t expect Adele to kiss and tell!

With less than a week until the world is graced with new music from the British singer, she hopped on Instagram Live over the weekend to get fans excited. 

During the Live she played a snippet of her upcoming single “Easy on Me,” and also answered some fan questions. However, when one fan tried to get a bit personal, Adele didn’t quite know how to respond. 

In a video shared to Twitter the “Rolling in the Deep” singer reads a fan question aloud that asked what her body count is, referring to how many sexual partners she’s had. 

Adele responded, “What’s that?” as she continued to scroll through the comment section. 

The powerhouse singer also fielded questions about her favorite foods, other artists — yes she’s excited for Beyoncé‘s next album — and her favorite thing to do during lockdown.

“Drink wine, obviously,” she cheekily admitted. 

Adele being iconic on Instagram live

— loveofhuns x (@loveofhuns) October 10, 2021

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