Amid rumors of new music, Adele tweets for the first time since January


After going nearly a full year without composing a single tweet, Adele made her grand return to Twitter on the same day social media websites Facebook and Instagram went offline.

The “Hello” singer, whose last tweet on January 10 was a red heart emoji in response to the Chorley Football Club in England belting out her 2011 hit “Someone Like You,” broke her Twitter silence on Monday in a cheeky exchange with the social media giant.

Following Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp’s sudden but massive outage, Twitter joked in a tweet, “hello literally everyone.” However, no one apparently expected the Grammy winner to reply, with a playful, “Hiya babes!”

Making matters more humorous was the social media company’s shocked response to the singer’s unexpected interaction, tweeting back, “ahdfljhadsjdlash ADELE?!?!”

This exchange comes as rumors continue to swirl that the 33-year-old singer is planning to release her long-awaited fourth studio album, which many believe is to be named 30. As previously reported, Adele updated her social media accounts on Monday with a cryptic blurred teal-colored profile picture and banner. Fans have noticed a similarity to the cryptic “30” billboards that began popping up in different parts of the world last week — saying they are the same color.

Adele’s website also reflected the new changes, updating with the same teal background and a mysterious link urging fans to sign up for updates.

Hiya babes!

— Adele (@Adele) October 4, 2021

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