Annie Lennox, Cher and The Weeknd react to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine


The world woke up on Thursday to reports that Russia’s military has launched its long-feared invasion of Ukraine in the early morning hours. Russia’s forces are attacking its neighboring country from multiple directions.

Celebrities including CherAnnie Lennox and The Weeknd expressed sympathy for Ukraine, condemned Russia and are calling for peace.

Here’s what the music community has said so far:

Annie Lennox: “Now that the tanks, soldiers and war machinery are on the brink of entering Ukraine…what now? The hell that ‘warfare’ unleashes? A frenzy of blood letting…Crushing of flesh and bones…The collective trauma of suffering of pain, grief, anguish and despair for innocent men, women and children? What kind of ‘price’ must ordinary people pay for the nightmarish madness and brutality of ‘invasion’ and ‘warfare’?  Or is this just an elaborate hoax? A scare tactic? A threat? Apologies for this dark reflection, but I’ve had the privilege of living in a ‘peaceful’ context since I was born — a decade after the end of WW2 — 67 years in total. I don’t take this for granted in any way and therefore find the notion of ‘war’ to be unacceptable repugnant barbarism. Sorry friends I just had to express this.”

Cher: “Why Ukraine’s Important 2 Putin’s despot, trump Hero, & If Given Chance Putin Will Devour Sovereign Countries, Till He Resurrects USSR. This Will Leave Europe, Small & unprotected.”

Camila Cabello: “Taking a moment to pray for peace.”

The Weeknd: “unfortunately i’m just now seeing what’s happening with the conflict and will pause on tomorrow’s announcement. i pray for everyone’s safety.”

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