Camila Cabello consults Gwen Stefani, John Legend on how to be a good ’Voice’ coach


Camila Cabello is asking the pros for help to ensure she becomes the best coach ever on The Voice.

In a new promo shared with Billboard, Camila huddles with Gwen StefaniJohn Legend and Blake Shelton to ask their advice on sitting in the big red chairs.  

Legend happily explains what he thinks makes a good coach, which is a love of music. “You still have to have inspiration and joy in music,” he tells the young singer. “I feel like this show helps me keep that going.”

“I feel like you meet all these young artists that are hungry and really want to make it in our business that we’ve been in for a long time, and it renews my inspiration,” he continues.

Blake said connecting with his team is most important to him. “I think the willingness to be real with those contestants or artists on your time, because it’s real easy to just play to the camera and say what you think is good for the show,” the country star explains. He also encouraged Camila to tell “the bad news” to her team — when there’s some — and not worry “about how you’re going to come across on TV.”

As for Gwen, she just hopes Camila put Blake in his place. “You’re so cute, you’re so smart, you’re witty, you’re really good at beating up Blake,” she cheers.

The Voice returns September 19 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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