Camila Cabello reveals Blake Shelton never heard any of her songs until she joined ’The Voice’


Blake Shelton is a country star, but that doesn’t excuse him from not knowing what’s playing on pop radio — especially since he’s married to Gwen StefaniCamila Cabello exposed his limited pop knowledge in a new teaser for The Voice.

The end of the teaser takes us to the blind auditions, where Camila praises a mysterious competitor for choosing to audition with a song from her music catalogue.

“That’s the first time somebody sang one of my songs in the blinds! So that was really, really cool!” the Grammy nominee raved.

Fellow coach John Legend agreed that the moment was special, as he also felt excitement when he heard a contestant singing one of his songs for the first time.  

Camila then steered the moment toward a roast of Shelton and joked, “That was also the first time Blake has heard any of my songs.”

“I looked over [to Camila] and was like, ‘She knows every word of this song,"” Blake confessed. “I said, ‘Do you know this song?’ She goes, ‘It’s my song!"”

Amid the audience’s laughter, the “Bam Bam” singer quickly quipped, “I’m just happy he wasn’t like, ‘This song sucks!"”

It is currently unknown what Camila song the mystery contestant sang — and if they made it to the next round.

On the topic of Blake and Gwen, another trailer proves that their marriage comes second to winning The Voice.  The two admit they get “into real fights” that include blocking each other and muting their respective microphones to get the contestant they want on their team.

Camila, who sits between the two lovebirds, reacts during one exchange, “I’m in a marriage sandwich!”

The Voice premieres Monday, September 19 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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