Camila Cabello visits the U.S.-Mexico border to see “the heartbreaking realities” first hand


Camila Cabello, who immigrated from Cuba at the age of six, recently visited the U.S./Mexico border so she could get a deeper understanding of the situation there.  Speaking to People, she calls the visit, conducted alongside the organization This Is Humanity, “transformational.”

Camila visited the Caritas migrant shelter in Tijuana, and she tells People, “Without a doubt, these are some of the most resilient people I have ever met. Many of them are fleeing life-threatening situations and experiencing unspeakable traumas just for the chance to live a safe life with more opportunity.”

“These parents have some of the same hopes and dreams for their children as my mom had for me when we left Cuba,” the singer notes. “Our stories started out in search of a better life but timing created two completely different outcomes. This realization will always stay with me.”

“There are so many articles in the news about policies and crises at the border, but it is important to remember that these are stories about real people,” says Camila.

She adds, “Spending time with and hearing the stories of these families and children during our trip was transformational for me….the visit helped me better understand…the heartbreaking realities that so many migrants and asylum seekers are facing at our borders.”

Camila explains that watching the young children at the shelter was “a simple but heartbreaking reminder that they are all just kids.”

“The difference is that these children are forced to deal with incredible challenges and trauma that no child or person should ever have to face,” Camila notes.

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