Cher stars in new M·A·C campaign “Challenge Accepted”


Cher has teamed with a brand that’s almost as iconic as she is — M·A·C cosmetics — for its new campaign, “Challenge Accepted.” It invites users to put their makeup to the test, showing how it goes “above and beyond the call of beauty” — and then share the results by using the hashtag #macchallengeaccepted.

In a statement, Cher says, “I’ve been saying Challenge Accepted for a Millennium.” She adds, “I was always stubborn. Later, that stubbornness turned into my mantra…’I DON’T BELIEVE THE WORD ’NO."”

“No matter what happened, I never gave up,” she continues. “I couldn’t let it matter what people thought. I took risks because…what else do you do? I was like a bumper car: when I hit a wall I just backed up and turned around.”

I was always Cher but didn’t have the luxury of make-up at [age] four. Now I have M·A·C,” she adds on Instagram.

Rapper Saweetie is also part of the campaign. In a video — set to Cher’s 1979 disco hit “Take Me Home” — she asks the legendary star, “How did you do it?” To which Cher replies, “I’m like this lipstick. When I’m on, I’m on.”

At the end of the video, Cher says, “I love lasting forever.” Just like M·A·C makeup, presumably.

Cher and Saweetie bonded during the shoot: The former tells People, “I [had] never met her [before], but I saw a video, and I liked her essence. We got along really well. Now she comes to dinner!”

Cher also tells People that these days when she wants to get glam, she’ll go for “big eyelashes.” As for those who want to mimic her iconic looks, she advises, “I think a little bit less is more, because sometimes you can shoot for it and shoot past it.”

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