Ed Sheeran explains why he and his wife have a “strict date night” every week


Like any new parents, Ed Sheeran and his wife Cherry want to spend as much time as possible with their baby daughter, Lyra, but Ed says they also make sure to take time for themselves, too.

Appearing on Apple Music 1’s The Rebecca Judd Show, Ed says, “Me and my wife have a date night. It’s a strict date night every single week. And no matter who’s in town or who wants to see us, it’s always this one night in the week and we go out and our rule is we can’t talk about our baby. We have to talk about each other and catch up.”

“As a parent, you spend so much time discussing being a parent that you kind of forget who you were before,” he notes. “So we have one night a week where we are who we were before.”

Ed also revealed that he hasn’t listened to his debut album + (Plus) since it came out, so for the 10th anniversary concert he’s doing next month — in which he’ll play the album in its entirety — he’s literally having to relearn his own songs. As he explains, “I wouldn’t have played [some of the songs] since the tour in 2011,”

In addition, Ed also sang Judd the first song he ever wrote: “Typical Average Teen.”

“The creator of The Simpsons was doing a show, my cousin knew him,” Ed recalls. “And…they were doing this show about a typical average teen. And he was like, ‘My cousin wrote something like that!’  So it was actually going to be the soundtrack to this thing for a while.”

Ed continues. “I don’t know what happened, but it would have been so weird to have my first song end up being the soundtrack of a TV show.”

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