Ed Sheeran is “pretty sure” Courteney Cox is singing on his new album


If you collaborated with one of the stars of one of the most famous TV shows ever, you think you’d remember it, right?  Well, Ed Sheeran apparently is not 100% certain whether Courteney Cox appears on his new album, = [Equals].

Ed’s friendship with Courteney goes back years; the first time he ever came to Los Angeles, he stayed with her, and they’ve been friends ever since.  In fact, he introduced her to Johnny McDaid, his frequent collaborator, who she’s been dating since 2013.

Speaking about Courtney, Ed tells Entertainment Tonight, “I’m pretty sure she sings on background vocals on the album. I think she’s on ‘Visiting Hours,"” referring to the song he wrote for his late friend, concert promoter Michael Gudinski.

“If not, she was definitely on [my Divide album] somewhere,” he adds.

When asked if he was serious about Cox singing on the record, which is due out in October, Ed replied, “I think so. Yeah…she is!”

As far as the entire album is concerned, Ed tells ET, “I got married. I became a father. I lost a really close friend and turned 30. I feel like it’s a coming-to-terms album.”

Ed’s new single, “Shivers,” is on track to debut at number one on the U.K. singles chart. If it does, Ed will replace himself on top, as his hit “Bad Habits” has been number one for 11 weeks.

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