Elton John is selling his US touring base in Atlanta for $5 million


Now that Elton John has declared he’ll never tour again, he no longer needs the home that was his U.S. touring base: a 13,500-square-foot condo in a complex in Buckhead, an upscale area of Atlanta, Georgia. It’s on the market for just under $5 million, reports The Wall Street Journal.

In 1992, Elton bought a duplex in the building and then bought five more apartments in the building over the next 20 years, combining them together into one four-bedroom space. Serving as his touring base, as he could easily get to most places in the U.S. flying out of Dekalb-Peachtree Airport, it also held his massive collection of photography.

As for why a British rock star would move to Atlanta in the first place, Elton tells the Journal that at the time, he was just out of rehab and dating someone in the area. He decided he liked the area for the people and the recovery facilities. 

“The only people I knew were real people, who had normal jobs,” Elton tells the paper. “The city adopted me and I adopted it.”

He adds, “I didn’t know what the first apartment that I bought would lead to. But it was a wonderful surprise. Everything about Atlanta was a surprise.”

“After years and years of touring, it was so comforting just to come home instead of staying in a hotel,” he notes.

Elton says he’ll miss Atlanta very much, adding that he always checks the baseball scores in the morning to see how the Braves are doing.

You can see photos of the condo, including the closets holding Elton’s massive wardrobe, at WSJ.com.

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