Frankie Jonas reveals how his famous brothers are helping his music career


Is Frankie Jonas about to follow in the footsteps of his three famous older brothers? According to him, he’s working on his own music career.

Frankie, the younger brother of the Jonas Brothers, told Entertainment Tonight, “I’ve been working on the project for a really long time [by] my lonesome, and hiding it for obvious reasons.”

“I think I’m ready to bring it out, bring it forward, see how the response is,” he continued. Frankie also said his brothers, Kevin, Joe and Nick, are happy about his upcoming solo career and supporting him.

Frankie said his older brothers provide feedback when he’s workshopping ideas. “They’ve been a big sounding board for me,” he revealed. “I mean, obviously, they’re pretty established musicians, so it’s been amazing to have them in my corner and as advice givers along the way.”

Frankie also said his music will be unique, so it will stand on its own. “I think that there’s not a lot of crossover, but there’s a lot of influence,” he estimated. 

“It’ll be my thing, and they’ll be doing theirs, and we’ll be cheering each other on,” he said.

Information on his new music, such as titles or release dates, was not disclosed.

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