Get the story behind Selena Gomezs delicious love note from Benny Blanco


On her Instagram Story Monday, Selena Gomez posted a note written on a paper towel that said, “I love you! Sleep well! I made you steak!” and was signed with a heart. Selena tagged her boyfriend, music producer and chef Benny Blanco, and added a heart. But if you want to know the backstory, you can watch a video on Instagram in which Benny appears to be auditioning for the title of World’s Best Boyfriend.

In his Instagram video, Benny explains that Selena is working, so he’s going to cook her a special meal, go to her work and drop it off for her as a surprise. “Whenever I wanna put a smile or her face, or get laid, I just make her steak,” he says. He proceeds to whip up what he describes as “the best steak dinner she’s ever had”: meat, perfectly fried potatoes and a Caesar salad with homemade croutons.

Benny packs up the food, then reveals that he attempted to bring it to Selena’s work but they “gave her the day off,” so he heads to her house, lets himself in and discovers she’s sleeping. So he puts the food on her nightstand and writes her the note to let her know it’s there. Ain’t love grand?

“Finally someone treating Selena the way she deserves,” one fan commented. 

“[F]or everyone that keeps asking how he got Selena. THIS is how,” another fan commented. “I want my own Benny Blanco. he’s cute, dresses well, talented af, funny, AND can cook like wtf. he’s quite literally perfect. idk why everyone is so confused.”

“He’s in love and there’s no guessing, no wondering, he wears it on his sleeve,” added another. “What more could a woman want?”

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