Gloria Estefan guests on Sam Smiths podcast, The Pink House


Gloria Estefan is the most recent guest on Sam Smith‘s podcast, The Pink House.

On the episode, which premiered Thursday, Gloria shared how she is still learning how to be an ally to the queer people in her life, including her daughter, Emily.

Sam also asked Gloria about her decision to hire drag queens for her “Everlasting Love” music video.

“When you were pregnant with your second child, Emily, you weren’t able to perform in your music video of ‘Everlasting Love,"” Sam said. “So you decided to hire drag queens instead, right?”

“They do me better than I do me,” Gloria responded. “It’s a bottom line. And then I took them on tour with me. Three of them. And I used to love it, because when we did ‘Everlasting Love,’ I had this stage where it had three elevators, one in the middle, one on either end. So, I’d be singing ‘Everlasting Love’ [off stage], and one of them would come up and everybody would think, ‘Oh, there she is!"” 

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