Harry Steals? TikTok user jokes he stole a microwave from Long Island’s UBS Arena


Harry Styles found himself to be the focus of a very odd rumor after a teenage TikTok user joked he stole a microwave from a concert venue. 

The viral video, shared by Dianna Rainone on Friday, shows text messages between the 18-year-old and her father, who reportedly works for the UBS Arena in Long Island, New York, which hosted Harry’s final Love On Tour show. Her father claims in the text, “Harry [S]tyles stole our crew microwave” and doubles down when his daughter reacts in disbelief.

Dianna also recalled Harry telling the venue, “I will be leaving my mark on the UBS Arena” before ending his concert. She added in the video’s caption she couldn’t stop thinking about Harry “running full force [with] a microwave.”

The teen had no idea her joke would spark such a massive rumor and told the New York Post on Monday, “I went to bed that night not even checking the app and I woke up to over like 20,000 views and 12,000 likes which was insane.”

As for why she shared the joke to begin with, she said her father “hit me out of nowhere saying the crew microwave was missing and he had joked around saying Harry Styles stole it. I could not stop laughing, so I figured why not make a TikTok about it.”

Dianna, who confirmed the venue’s microwave is still MIA, assures fans Harry is not considered a suspect.

“It would be hilarious if Harry took the microwave, but my dad said someone probably moved it to clean or something,” she explained. “I really hope Harry does not see this– I’ll die of embarrassment.”

The “Adore You” singer has yet to react to the rumor.

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