Harry Styles gives fans all the credit for his “magical” live shows: “It’s the thing I’m proudest of”


Harry Styles won Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammy Awards for his smash hit Harry’s House, which he’s spent the past year promoting during one of the most successful tours of the year. But backstage at the ceremony Sunday night, he gave his loyal fans all the credit for his now-legendary live concerts.

“I think the kind of atmosphere that is created in live music … y’know, when there’s someone onstage it feels like, ‘Oh, that’s what that person is doing,"” he explained. “And in reality, I very much feel like the fans create that atmosphere for me.”

“The room [has] this energy that almost feels, like, too magical for me to kind of take any responsibility for,” Harry continued. “I think it’s probably the thing I’m proudest of in my life is this feeling that is in the room, that I get to experience every night when I go onstage.”

“I mean, playing for an amazing group of people every night is my favorite, favorite thing to do,” he concluded.

And Harry got up close and personal with one of his fans on Sunday night. Reina LaFantaisie, a Harry super fan, was part of a segment on the Grammy telecast where fans explained why their favorite artist should win Album of the Year. When the winner was announced, host Trevor Noah let LaFantaisie give the trophy to Harry.

“I hugged him as hard as he hugged me,” she told ET Canada. “I just could not believe that he was there … And I kept saying, ‘I just, I got to keep it together. I got to keep it together.’ Like, my knees are getting weaker by the minute.”

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