Here’s the biggest clue yet that a Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran remix is coming


Last week, eagle-eyed fans spotted clues that they claimed proved that a Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran remix would soon be upon us. Now, fans have spotted the biggest clue yet that a new version of Ed’s song “The Joker and the Queen,” featuring Taylor, is imminent.

On YouTube, if you go to the credits of the official lyric video for “The Joker and the Queen,” and scroll down past the lyrics, you’ll get to the publishing information. There, plain as day, it says, “The Joker And The Queen (feat. Taylor Swift).” At least it did at press time — but it’s also been captured and posted online.

As previously reported, rumors of the remix began last week when Ed posted an Instagram teaser that showed him signing some CD on with artwork depicting a playing card that was one half joker and one half queen — with the queen looking very much like Taylor with blonde hair and bangs.

In addition, Ed wears a Taylor Swift patch on the back of his jacket in the video for “Overpass Graffiti,” and in Taylor’sI Bet You Think About Me” music video, she draws an “equals” sign in the icing on a wedding cake.  “The Joker and The Queen” appears on Ed’s album = (Equals).

The two have previously released three songs together, all on Taylor’s albums: “Everything Has Changed” on Red, “End Game” on Reputation and “Run,” a vault track on Red (Taylor’s Version).

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