Ingrid Michaelson plans a “lovely, fun” — and safe — return for her annual Holiday Hop on Sunday


Ingrid Michaelson‘s Holiday Hop — her annual holiday concert — returns Sunday night, after going virtual last year. You can still watch this year’s show online, but if you’re going to New York City’s Webster Hall to attend in person, Ingrid — a self-described “COVID police officer” — has been working hard to make it ultra-safe.

“I’ve talked to all my band mates about testing multiple times and masking even in rehearsals,” she tells ABC Audio, adding, “I’ve thought of all the safety precautions that I could possibly think of.”

“As long as we mask and we’ve all been vaccinated, I feel like we can do this safely and have a really lovely, fun time,” Ingrid adds. “Because this is the 15th annual [edition]! We have to be able to bring some people out!”

On the show, Ingrid will sing songs from her Christmas album, Songs for the Season, which came out as a deluxe version this year with four new tracks.  Ingrid loves that each year, she can celebrate holiday music, because it’s literally evergreen.

“That’s the thing about holiday music, is that every year it comes back…they rise from the dead every year,” she laughs. “They’re like old friends, these songs.”

Ingrid’s been able to see that phenomenon in action with her own songs: “Christmas Valentine,” her 2019 duet with Jason Mraz and, especially, “Winter Song,” her duet with Sara Bareilles.

“It’s got a steady listenership, but around the end of October, it starts to creep up and creep up,” Ingrid says of the song’s streams. “And then it gets super, super high [in] November, December, and then it kind of trails down again…and we put that out in 2008!  So I love that they just keep coming back!”

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