Joe Jonas teases new music from DNCE


DNCE is back after a four-year break, promises frontman Joe Jonas.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the “Cake By the Ocean” singer revealed he was inspired to make new music when filming the upcoming Korean War movie Devotion.  “I felt so inspired by what a beautiful city I was in and some of the music I heard when I was there,” Joe said, and created a new album perfect for his dance-rock band, DNCE.

Joe teased DNCE’s new single, “Happy Feet,” which features Kygo, noting it’s about “enjoying life to the fullest.” 

“I think what DNCE always did so well was bring joy to people, which is what I wanted to do with this new batch of music. Obviously it’s still very tricky times, but it reminds us all of being able to go out there and dance and enjoy life,” he added.

Joe also revealed that there’s a shakeup in the DNCE lineup this time around. While original members Jack Lawless and guitarist JinJoo Lee have returned, bassist Cole Whittle is now pursing a solo career.

Joe isn’t sweating losing Cole, however, and added, “I can kind of foresee [DNCE] becoming this E Street Band where members come and go…It could be a great opportunity to have some special guests” — such as Ryan Tedder.  

Joe also says he’s in a much better place now when it comes to holding down multiple projects.  “In the past with the Jonas Brothers, I used to carry a lot of trauma when new projects would present themselves because you could only focus on one thing at a time,” said Joe. 

The singer has since teased his upcoming new music on Instagram, telling fans, “So excited to start sharing the new stuff we’ve been working on including #DancingFeet with @kygomusic!!” 

It’s unknown when the new DNCE single will drop.

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