John Legend kicks off ‘Bigger Love’ tour tonight: “The show is going to joyful”


John Legend begins his Bigger Love tour tonight in Atlanta, and the singer guarantees that fans attending the show will enjoy a welcome relief from the problems of the pandemic.

“The show is going to be joyful and a celebration of love and connection,” The Voice coach tells The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “We want people to dance and have a good time. The band and arrangements are really beautiful. We’ve had so much fun building this show together.”

Legend will perform with an 11-piece band, while blending his classic hits with music from his latest album, Bigger Love.

“Every time we approach a new tour, we allow ourselves to look at the music anew and give it a fresh look and approach,” he explains. “Some songs will sit closely to what the record sounds like. But sometimes we’ll breathe new life into it, particularly some of the older songs that are fan favorites from albums past. I think overall, it’s going to be a really fun, soulful and joyful night and I think people are going to really feel good when they leave.”

He adds, “If you’re expecting a festive mood along the lines of a church revival, you wouldn’t be too far off.”

Meanwhile, Legend admits that the past year has been very difficult for him and wife Chrissy Teigen following her miscarriage in October 2020.

“We’ve had some ups and downs as a family and some tragedy,” he tells the newspaper. “But we’ve also had some beautiful times in rallying around each other, taking care of each other and being with each other and for our kids. That’s been a huge part of the last year.”

Tickets for the 29-date tour, which wraps up October 20 in Indianapolis, are now available at Ticketmaster.

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