Justin Bieber reveals why pulling off the concert seen in upcoming doc ‘Our World’ was “difficult”


This Friday, Justin Bieber: Our World, a documentary about the making of Justin’s New Year’s Eve concert in December 2020, will hit Amazon Prime Video.  Speaking to People, Justin said the hardest part of the show, which took place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in front of a small group of invited guests, was simply putting it together in the middle of a pandemic.

“It was difficult…all of the checks and balances that went along with putting together this show, from the COVID tests, to some people actually getting COVID during the process and having to wait in quarantine for 15 days or however long it took for it to pass,” Justin explains.

In the documentary, you’ll definitely see the panic that ensues when one key member of Justin’s creative team gets COVID-19. “There was just hurdles, and it’s already hard enough to put on a show of this level,” Justin adds. “But to do it during a pandemic…”

Of course, the fact that it was Justin’s first concert in three years also didn’t make it any easier.

“I definitely felt the nerves leading up to it,” Justin tells People. But as he points out, “I think sometimes nerves are coming from a good place, because you care.”

Justin also admits that “there’s a lot of moments that I messed up” during the show — but you can’t really tell from watching the doc, which features the star performing all his biggest hits, including “Intentions,” “Baby,” “Love Yourself,” “Lonely,” and “Holy.”

However, Justin allows, “You want to get better at something, you gotta be willing to make mistakes. I heard this saying like, ‘You miss all the shots you don’t take.’ So you take the shot. If you miss, you miss, but at least you tried.”

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