Justin Bieber’s new Amazon doc ‘Our World’ should “provide joy for people,” says director


Justin Bieber: Our World hits Amazon Prime Video today, and it documents how Justin staged his New Year’s Eve livestream concert last December amid the pandemic.  Director Michael D. Ratner also directed Justin’s YouTube docuseries Seasons, which detailed the singer’s struggle with Lyme disease, mental health issues and drug addiction.  But Our World shows Justin at a much happier and healthier point in his life.

“I think when we made Seasons…he was coming out of a rough chapter of his life,” Ratner tells ABC Audio. “Ultimately, what this film should do is provide joy for people.”

“You should watch this film and take a trip down memory lane and feel the nostalgia of these old hits that he’s playing, all the way to some of his [newest] hits,” Ratner says, adding that Justin’s growth since Seasons is “evident” in Our World.

“You’re going to see him as a leader and as a 27-year-old man who’s married,” says Ratner.

Much of the film deals with Justin and his team attempting to stage the concert on the roof of the Beverly Hills Hotel while trying not to get COVID.

“It’s essential that the performance is great and has production value and feels special,” says Ranter. “But I think that the [pandemic] story…was what makes the film really work.”

Ratner also praises the footage that Justin himself shot..  In one scene, filmed last December, Justin’s wife Hailey asks him what his plans are for 2021, and he says he wants to have a child — or at least start trying for one.  Ratner predicts that when that day comes, Justin will “be an incredible dad.”

“I’ve seen him around kids, and he’s so good with kids, as is Hailey,” he notes. “I think that they’re going to be great parents.”

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